Hello There!

Gas is low, running on empty
A thousand miles I’ve yet to go.
Run through every traffic light
Till the engine up and dies.
Oh, what to do?
With bags in hand and dreams in my heart,
I bring my feet to carry on,
Knowing every step I take
Brings me closer to the day
That I see you.

And when the winter wind starts blowing,
Pushing me astray,
I’ll hold on tight and live to fight
Another day.

Maybe I’ll break down.
Maybe I’ll find my way.
Maybe this journey
Is just a losing game.
Maybe I’ll make it, but you’ll be with someone new.
No matter where I go I’m coming back to you.

I’d sail the river in my suitcase,
Brave the desert on my knees,
Stowaway inside a train,
Pay the pilot of a plane
To cross the seas.
See, I know everything I’m made of.
And I write my own destiny,
‘Cause there ain’t no place that I know
As welcoming as your front door.
You’re home to me.

And though I’ve been away so long now,
I still see your face
On each horizon, every night and
Every day.

Oh, I’ve got to be strong,
I can’t keep losing my feet.
Oh, I want to be right where I belong.

Manny Garcia – Coming Back To You

Thanks to Anya buat rekomendasi lagu-lagu bagusnya hahaha dan haloooooo yang lagi sibuk di Jogja! :p