Number Twenty

2012-11-25 08

Thanks for the early morning surprise, friend :’> Thanks for the conversations, the breakfast, stories, and all-those-nothing-to-do in my room. Thank you so much, Ofi, Gratsia, Fitri, Cyndwika, Dilla. :*

2012-11-25 09

Thanks for the morning invasion, xzkr :”D Thanks for the cupcakes, laughs, jokes, and all-those-nothing-to-do in my room too haha. Glad to have you here, guys. Thanks Riska, Sheila, Ayik, Dama -meskipun nggak semua dateng.

2012-11-25 13

Thanks for the best lunch ever with my best friends ever :”D Glad to know that you guys will perfectly fit each other in the first time you met haha. Delicious folded pizzas, thanks to Calzone Express. And thanks for the laughs under the rain. Friend and xzkr in one table? Couldn’t ask more <3

2012-11-26 1dsfsdcsdv7

Thanks for the late-and-failed surprise, abbccd :”D Sorry for ruined your plans hihi. Thank you for the sudden tour hahaha. Siapa yang akhirnya malu waktu itu? :p

2012-11-26 17

Thanks to make over him too, nice try bro :P sayang hujan merusaknya hahaha

2012-11-26 17mmm

Thanks for the cute present :”D creative architects should give a handmade gift, right?

2012-12-18 00

And again, thanks for this cute presents :”> Kalian kasih jam biar aku nggak telatan lagi po? Hahahahaha Amin, nuwun yo.

2012-12-18 00dvsv

And this is the pictures inside. Did you realized that big Sonya always showed up in almost every pictures? :3 Thankyou abbccd, Anggoro, Bela Bila, Caca Cuud, Dissa and others for the dayyyy :D

ps: Foto-foto Calzone sama Karaoke ada di Dissa nyusul kali yaa.

I love you guys.

I’m twenty now.

Huge numbers and responsibilities.

As my great friends said, “Live your life to the fullest.”

Yes, I will. :)