by njx

This is one of my favorite tv show. I watched it first time at Star World. I don’t know this drama before and I didn’t watch it first season. Me just watch it someday and fell in love. How this family could be that super-cool. How they could be friend and family both. There’s still problems, there’s still fight. But that was made them irreplaceable.

There’s Braverman family. Watching their opening title could make me missed my family already. I love Jabbar Trussell (Tyree Brown). He’s so cute. I love the episode when he went to school for the first time, how his parent was so glad when he got his first friend at school. And the way he talks, it’s uber-cute. I want him to be my kid hehe. And I love Julia Braverman-Graham (Erika Christensen) too. She’s a career woman. But she didn’t forget her rule as a mother. I love the way she treated her daughter. And how afraid she is when her little daughter started to make-up herself. She’s afraid her daughter will be precocious. And I love the way she talks to her when there was a problem. She’s my rule model for being a mom, seriously.

Well, maybe it make nonsense. We have different culture. Maybe in here, we can’t treat our family like in this movie. But some things could. We can be a friend for our family. We can listen to them without judging, like we did to our highschool friend. When I have my own family in the future, I’ll try my best to treat them well. To make them happy and proud can be one of my family. Start from the little thing, start from myself and my family ☺

ps: That poster was Parenthood season 1. There’s no Jabbar, yet.