Month: June, 2011

Delayota Farewell Party

Here we come! Delayota Farewell Party 2011. Pesta perpisahan pertama dan terakhir. Aaaaaaa Aaaaaa Aaaaaaa, speechless >.< Nggak pernah nyangka aku bakal secepet ini ketemu sama Farewell Party SMA. Aaaaaaaa Aaaaaa Aaaaaaa. Please, guys, Delayota 011, semuanya, dateng ke acara ini. Acara terakhir kita! :D

Enggg mungkin tema Rainbow itu agak ambigu ya? Gini, Rainbow itu sebenernya mengarah ke Colorful, jadi kalian bebas mau pake warna apa aja asal Dark and Bright. Bright and Bright juga boleh. Jangan Dark and Dark tapi. Minimal 2 warna, mau 10 warna juga boleh kalo mau :3 Dan formal. Pengalaman tahun lalu, masih banyak cewek yang pake celana, please jangan… Sekali aja seumur hidup kalian, wahai para wanita, pake dress. Buat yang udah tiap hari nge-dress ya dimaksimalin hehe. Yang belum, nggak ada salahnya nyoba :) Dress itulah pakaian wanita yang sebenarnya.

Don’t be late. Be there! Aaaaaaah cannot wait! <3


This is one of my favorite tv show. I watched it first time at Star World. I don’t know this drama before and I didn’t watch it first season. Me just watch it someday and fell in love. How this family could be that super-cool. How they could be friend and family both. There’s still problems, there’s still fight. But that was made them irreplaceable.

There’s Braverman family. Watching their opening title could make me missed my family already. I love Jabbar Trussell (Tyree Brown). He’s so cute. I love the episode when he went to school for the first time, how his parent was so glad when he got his first friend at school. And the way he talks, it’s uber-cute. I want him to be my kid hehe. And I love Julia Braverman-Graham (Erika Christensen) too. She’s a career woman. But she didn’t forget her rule as a mother. I love the way she treated her daughter. And how afraid she is when her little daughter started to make-up herself. She’s afraid her daughter will be precocious. And I love the way she talks to her when there was a problem. She’s my rule model for being a mom, seriously.

Well, maybe it make nonsense. We have different culture. Maybe in here, we can’t treat our family like in this movie. But some things could. We can be a friend for our family. We can listen to them without judging, like we did to our highschool friend. When I have my own family in the future, I’ll try my best to treat them well. To make them happy and proud can be one of my family. Start from the little thing, start from myself and my family ☺

ps: That poster was Parenthood season 1. There’s no Jabbar, yet.

Perfect Day

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaad super FUN with my best-classmates-ever! Sadranan Love Beach :D Rencana ke pantai yang sebenernya nggak direncanain jauh-jauh hari. Iseng seminggu yang lalu ada yang nyeplos, taradaaam, jadilah. Such a private beach, you knaww? Bener-bener cuma ada kita disana menguasai seluruh pantai! *lebay* Lagi males nulis panjang-panjang. Foto aja ya yang berbicara. Btw, aku tekor gara-gara gurameh -_____-* Sial itu gurameh kenapa bisa mahal banget sih. Tapi, basicly, that was a perfect day :)

We got to the spot and the sun was hot. Everybody was feelin’ fine. So we jumped on in for a midday swim. Then we lost all track of time. It was a perfect day. What I’d give if I could find a way to stay. Lost in this moment now. Ain’t worried about tomorrow. When you’re busy livin’ in a perfect day. – Lady Antebellum (on Perfect Day)

Fyi, me now wearing veil :) hihi wish I can be a better me! Yeaaaaahs \m/

Love This Pain

He’s no good for me
I know that hes a wildflower
He’s got a restlessness
a beautifulness thing about him

But here I am again
callin him back
lettin him drive me crazy

It’s like I love this pain
a little too much
love my heart all busted up
somethin bout him
it just don’t work
but I can’t walk away
it’s like I love this pain

It’s just an on again and off again situation
It’s a strikin match a tank of gas combination

But here I am again
lightin it up
knowin that he’ll just burn me

Its like I love this lie
but nothings right
and somethings wrong
Its like Im just not me
if I cant be a sad sad song

Oh yeah
its like I love this pain
I cant walk away
oh no its like I love this pain

Love This Pain – Lady Antebellum

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