A Letter

by njx

Dear Dad,

how are you there? Did you find your Heaven? I’m here always, always pray for you :*

I wanna tell you sooooo many things. Well, where can we start?  Start from this month. Your little daughter was not children anymore :P Your little daughter has graduated from senior high school now. Could you believe that, Dad? It has been 7 years and I think I still could feel your arms. I think I’m still your little daughter. Next Sunday at 22nd May 2011, I will attend graduation ceremony, Dad. With Mom of course :D I just gave her two birthday ‘presents’. That graduation, first. And second, I passed the college’s selection. I’m in, Dad! I’m in! :D Insya Allah, I am an university student, in Architectural Gadjah Mada University. Engineering, Dad. Like you were used to. Subhanallah, I still can’t believe that :’) Everything just flowing so fast…

Dear Dad,

I promise to you. I will make you proud. I will make Mom proud. I will make our big family proud. I will take care of your little son :p Sometimes, he can be so childish you know? But I’m sure, he will change. Someday, he will take care of Mom and me.

This is my story, Dad. There’s still many of them actually. But I can’t write down all of them hehe. Take care, Dad.

Love ♥