2010’s Things

by njx

These are my list of things that I’ve done in this year :p

  • Took part as Event in Eightfest#36. For concert actually, but because of some problems, it was changed by social event, ASP (Aksi Sosial Pakci). Dissappointed yes at the first time, but that was fun for sure! We could shared to others :)
  • Took part as Publication in Delayota Art#4. That was very hard just for you know -_-
  • Took part as Publication (again) for Delayota Buat Tryout 2010. That was the easiest part in Debut I think :p It was so easy to get participants hahaha.
  • Took part as Event in Delayota Competition Fair in EIC (English-Indonesia Competition). That was long, hard and fun! Haha. I like it.
  • Met Zee, a lovely little cat, and lost him few months later :( Rest in peace, Zee…
  • Being supporters for Delayota in DBL for the last time :’) Next year, we’re not Delayota’s students anymore. Amin.
  • Got my own digital camera :D (Still craving for Lomo actually hehe)
  • Had a greaaaaaaaaaaaat times with my schoolmates in Bali :) That was so much fun! And unforgettable for sure.
  • Met Raditya Dika directly at Gramedia Amplaz.
  • Being XII grades!!!
  • Had nice Holy Ied holiday in Malang.
  • Had sooooo much assigments from laboratory work -_-
  • Being eighteen :D
  • Took part as Crew for Annual Book 2001 :) Wow that will be so much fun! We’ve just done for the photoshoot sessions this month. There’s still big deals forward.
  • Done photoshoot for Annual Book 2011 for my page with Azug and Ipul.
  • Had last exam in this grade. And next year, I’m gonna face the final exam! Kyaaaa wish me luck pals.

What’s your things, pals? :)