Journey To The South

by njx

Today’s such of tiring but fuuun day. Four thumbs up! Crew of annual book 011 held photo session this morning. Today’s place was Bantul, south Yogyakarta.

#1 We went to Depok beach, to the dune sands actually, at 7 am. With two cars and three motorcycles convoy. We arrived at 8 am but the photographer wasn’t arrive yet. We decided to take late breakfast. Breakfast at beach! Hahaha nice. One hour later, photo session was start until done at least at 11 am. Two groups took photo session at this dune sands. Fyi, Agnes Monica was take her video clip here once. And that’s why local residents made signboard written ‘Photo Model – Prewedding – Video Clip’ in front of their stall hahaha.

with Andhini

#2 Second photo’s spot was Tembi village. We went to two places. First was ‘Tembi Rumah Budaya’. That was a museum, library, guest house, exhibition room, etc. This place was gorgeous. I wanna to stay for days at this place sometimes. There was Javanese newspaper and posters of advertisement from the past. Still with ‘aksoro Jowo’ and letter of ancient Javanese. There was Blue Band’s advertisement in letter of ancient Javanese! It’s cool. Second was Alfi’s grandparent house. It was Dawud’s art house *or something I forgot q: It was old Javanese house. With ‘joglo’ and handicraft manufacture. Aaaaa I love both places!

#3 The last one was pine forest, Imogiri. That was the hardest and the longest part of this day! We went there at 2 pm. Searching for the place and waiting for the groups took at least one hour. The hardest part was the road! It was uphill road. Worst than Gunung Kidul’s road. And my motorcycle is an automatic one. Oh God. Poor Vario… ): But the pine forest was beautiful! Worthed, a little. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take some pictures because of my battery was dead *!!!!* And today’s journey was closed by… rain.

spot when we were waiting for the groups on the wayside

That’s it, readers, thanks for listening (reading) my story. Happy happy! Sorry for this bad bad bad grammar. I love you :* Oh ya, I love Bantul! Real art city rocks! Yeaaah \m/