Hard Day and Disk

by njx

Oh My Goooooooooooood, my notebook’s harddisk was broken! Feels like I’m gonna cry :'( hiks hiks. Last night, I found out that my notebook wouldn’t turned on. I didn’t have any bad feelings that night anyway. This morning after school test, I went to Computa to fix this notebook. And they said that my harddisk was broken because it takes too long used without changing. And they said they couldn’t save my files because the harddisk couldn’t be read anymore. They couldn’t save my files. Oh God. That’s ok about songs and movies, I can search it again. But images… Pictures. My birthday, Bali’s trip, classmates, memories… Where I can find them? Hiks hiks hiks :'(( Astagfirullah. So guys, a lesson for today, change your harddisk at least once for 3 years. You won’t feels like me. Surely…

Had steak lunch at Waroeng Steak and Shake Colombo with Kepo and Dilla. Alhamdulillah. Wanna have meeting with Annual Book 011’s crew this afternoon. Happy saturday night guys!