Deathly Hallows

by njx

Finallyyyyyyyyy I’ve watched this movie! Kinda late, right? That was such of great movie! :D I love it rather than previously. More details and we’ve got the climax. Just like I’ve imagine. But there’s so many people die :'( Hedwig, Mad-Eye, Dobby and so on. The saddest moment for me is when Hedwig was died. He was saved Harry but Death Eater killed him. Hedwig Hedwig poor white Hedwig :'( Dobby’s dead could make me cry too.

And the part when Harry, Ron and Hermione went to the Ministry of Magic was the funniest! Hahaha. They are undercover. And their guise’s face was make me laughed! And the way Harry walked such of silly thing.

Aaaaaa you must watched it for yourself ;) The best movie for Harry Potter’s epic ever. Finale!